Friday, April 16, 2010

one week - three races

Wow, I hadn't realized it was a month since my last post...whoops! I would like you all to know this is not because I haven't been running. On the contrary...I've been running quite a bit, as much as I can. I've had a couple of 30mile weeks since I've last posted. I've just been plugging along, getting runs in where I can.

One minor problem is my beloved Asics have sprouted a leak in one of the gel cushioning pockets in the heel of the right shoe. I was wondering why my right knee was feeling a bit off... While walking around in my quiet house one sunny Saturday morning I heard what sounded like a squeaky dog toy every time I took a step with my right leg. After realizing what it was, I was pretty disappointed. Thankfully, I've got my Nikes to fall back on. I like them...not as much as I like my Asics but they'll do for the time being.

And speaking of the time being: Here's what's coming down the pike quite rapidly! Tomorrow is the Annual Chase the Gorilla Down Argilla 5K in Ipswich, MA. I've been doing this race for the past three years and it is so much fun! This year a bunch of friends will be joining least, I hope they will even with the projected yucky forecast - rainy and 44deg. Not exactly the BEST weather....

Monday, known in these here parts as Patriots Day or Marathon Monday, will be another race I'll be participating in. The Lexington Patriots Day 5Miler. The weather will most likely not be too much better this day...misty and 50deg. I suppose that will be nice for all the marathoners making their way from Hopkinton to long as there's not a nasty head wind!

The week will cap off on Saturday with the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon (it's a half)! This is the race I am most excited about!! I'll be running with my brother, most likely....however, my friend, Mike - who is also running, has called me out on this, saying he will beat me. Hmmmm, maybe I'll want to prove him wrong. We shall see.

The weather down in Louisville will also present a challenge. It may be upwards of 80some odd degrees with humidity. I am not used to that yet!!! Which may make for a slower half than I'd prefer. Again, we shall see.