Friday, August 29, 2014

5 in 9

If you ask me to run a race with you, chances are high I will say yes. I love running and I love my friends, combining the two is a winning combination!

This is the reason I'll be running three half marathons in the next nine weeks:

They all seem to fit well into my training schedule so the question is not, "Why run them?" The question is, "Why not?" Another race that fits right into my schedule is the Cape Ann 25K. I wasn't going to run it, but after thinking about it, I decided it would be easier for me to commit to 15.59mi with all the other runners doing the race, than to try to grit my teeth and gut it out on my own - I tried that last week and ended up running 10mi and walking 5mi. Not good. The race is on Monday in Gloucester with many, many hills. I've run it twice before, the last time setting a PR on the course by 12 minutes. I expect no such thing this year, I'd just like to finish!

And finally, the last race of the year will obviously be the NYC Marathon on Nov 2nd. I am giddy just thinking about this race! Two friends are running it as well, and plenty more are hoping to be at the finish line. This race is 5years in the making, so let's all hope and pray I get to the starting line healthy and happy!

If you're keeping track, that's five races in nine weeks. Ambitious, yes. Exhausting, yes. Do-able, yes.