Sunday, June 22, 2008

under 30

The results from the Rove the Cove were posted on this afternoon. I achieved my goal, under 30 mins. My time was actually 29.32, so my miles were each 9.30. Nothing to be disappointed about!

I'll admit that my training as of late has left a lot to be desired. I've been so busy gearing up for the Trinidad trip that I've let most of my training slide. It's just been a very full season... I'm hoping that after I get back from the trip, I will have some good solid chunks of time to devote to getting in longer runs (that hopefully I can actually do with out walking!).

We had our final Trinidad meeting today, lots of details to get nailed down...Friday is when we leave. This week will be full again of things to do, so I probably won't get too much training in. Which gets hard when I find that I don't have time left over for me...

I found this to be especially frustrating when today, after telling someone to please email me with a work question and I'll get back to them on Monday, this person said, "you're working right now! In my opinion you are always working, 24/7!!" Actually I'm not... And I don't think it's fair for someone to expect me to remember something when I'm told in passing on a day when I have 4-5 other things going on.

Anyway, that just fed into my frustration of not having a whole lot of free time lately. Partly, I do it to myself b/c I volunteer for too much stuff...and part of it is b/c I work in ministry and even though I don't get paid for doing it, it still takes up a lot of my time.

Ok, so! If I don't post again this week with some good news about getting a run in each day, I won't get a chance to next week b/c I'll be out of the country!! (and not training at all!)

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