Tuesday, May 18, 2010

not much new

Not much to report on this past week of training. It was pretty standard, logged 21mi last week and kicked off this week with 6.5 yesterday.

One new item to let you know about is my new kicks. About a month ago my beloved Kayano's popped a gel packet in the right heel and I could tell when I ran on it, so those need to get taken back...I just haven't done it yet. So, I've been running in my Nike Lunarglides for about a month. They began to feel uncomfortable when logging over 20mi a week in them. So, I decided to get a new pair of Asics, maybe one that was cheaper than the Kayano...

I went to my local running store and grabbed a pair of GT-2150's (Asics, obv). The reviews I read online (after I purchased them) were not as glowing as I'd hoped...runners found that they were not great straight out of the box but rather, took upwards of 50mi to break them in. So, I was a little worried about my first run in them being a 7miler. I am happy to report that for me, they were just fine! I didn't have any new blisters, no new pains in my legs or my back. The were, and still are, a bit stiff but they are loosening up with each run I log in them. Soon, they will be perfectly broken in! I just love new shoes. :)

Fun reflection on my run last night: I was about 5.5miles in when I saw triplets flying along on their Razor scooters. I passed the two in the back and as I was running along with the one in front, I said to him, "Let's race!" After about 50yards or so, I let him "win." :) It was fun.

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