Monday, April 28, 2008

praying with pastors

Today in Staff Chapel we talked about journeys. The kind of journey that the US Soldiers took when they marched into Germany to get rid of the Russians. The kind of journey that the Israelites took when they walked through the Red Sea (apparently, some one did a dissertation on what he supposed the journey would have looked like and how long it must have taken, roughly 48hrs, apparently).

We then divided up into groups of three or four to talk about our own personal journeys. This is always the part that I hate. I am trying to work on talking about myself to the pastors at my church, even though I feel like a lowly admin most days. But today, the senior pastor, Bryan, was in my group. I always feel just a little bit more shy when he is around, simply because he is the senior pastor. He is a very nice man and cares deeply about other people...but come on, he's the man in charge here!

Anyway, we got around the circle and I was the last to share. I talked about how I want to finish strong with my 8th grade girls, do well in my role as we prepare for mission trips, find some good friends who are in the same place in life as me (ie, not married and pregnant), then I mentioned that I wanted to also pursue running a marathon. Now when I said this, Bryan perked up and was excited that I was hoping to run a marathon. He is a runner and has run New York a couple of years ago and he is planning to run Chicago in the fall with his daughter.

We then had to pray for one another and he chose to pray for me. I just felt particularly blessed that the senior pastor of the church was praying for me personally and that we had a connection through running. Cool stuff.

So about my training...I did get up early on Saturday and get 4 miles in. My roommate did a great job as well by coming with me! I took yesterday off as it was a very full day with dramas and church and meetings, I spent over 11 hours away from home. It felt especially draining yesterday...

Today was cold and rainy. I did not want to run. Then I thought about Wayne's sister who ran Nashville last Saturday in the rain. And when I got home, I put on my gear and went for a 2 miler.

One final thing: Well done, Tricia!!!!!

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Erin said...

So Tricia said she'd be happy to share about the Nashville Marathon with you. For the record, it has more hills than it appears online. Good thing you have hills to train on!