Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hooray for options

I've become a wuss! In the past two days, I have become terribly uneager to run outside. And it hasn't even been that cold out...windy and rainy, yes, but temps are still in the 50's. I should be able to handle that and even enjoy that (not the windy and rainy part...)!

But I've caved. I joined a gym. Not only so that I wouldn't have to run in the "cold" but also so I could develop more strength training as well. I found a place that wasn't too far from my house and was ridiculously affordable. The most fun part is that I can bring a visitor with me any time I want. So essentially, a friend can have a free membership...crazy! Another perk is that I can go to any Planet Fitness anywhere, including a brand spanking new one where I know a few ladies from my church are going to be going. So fun!

I am not replacing my street running for treadmill running but I love that I have the option to still work out even when it is completely disgusting outside. Hooray for options!
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