Thursday, April 24, 2008

a years worth of nerves

I've been doing some hunting online about normal people who've run marathons and their stories. They've been pretty easy to find since the Boston Marathon took place just a few days ago. ran a story about the "back of the packers" that were coming to the finish line at hours 5 and 6. The ailments of the people they interviewed ranged from sore feet, strained muscles, and dehydration to a fractured femur and a pulled muscle at mile 8.

Now, I know that if I train properly that I will most likely NOT have a fractured femur. And honestly, if I pull a muscle at mile 8 with 18.2 to go...I might not finish. But these stories of people just like me have made me nervous. Can I really run a marathon? Can I physically push my body that far? I'm not sure...we've got a year to see if I can! Right now I feel like I'm looking at a years worth of nervousness about doing it...but that just because I'm at the VERY beginning of my training. In the coming months I hope to feel stronger about my ability to complete longer distances working my way up to the marathon a year from this coming Saturday.

A family member of a friend is running the very race I'd like to do next year on Saturday and I'm hoping to get the insiders scoop on the course, this year's weather, the bands, everything! That way, I'll hopefully have less things to be nervous about since they'll be known...albeit 3rd hand. :)

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