Thursday, May 8, 2008

fitting in

This whole "going to the gym" thing has been far more enjoyable than I anticipated! I have been 3 times in the past three days and have loved switching up the treadmill and eliptical.

Another thing I am really enjoying is the fact that during the week, the gym is open 24hrs. Which means on Wed nights when I am bound to Grace Chapel for 12hrs, I can still get my work out in at 9pm! Which is what I did last night. I got over 4miles in on a treadmill after MS craziness! Likewise, tonight I am also bound to GC for another long night as I have drama rehearsal. I make it sound like I am a slave to these things, I'm not! I love doing both ministries so much, but when life gets so busy, it's hard to fit everything in. I'm just thankful that I don't have to sacrifice my workout to be involved at church.

An update on my leg: It's feeling much better as I've been continuing to work it out. I think it helps that I'm not JUST running but mixing it up has been really good.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, life will slow down a bit and I'll get to run outside again...I've been anxious to get around the lake again. Someday.... :)

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Kevin said...

You don't have participate in church dramas ... you GET to participate in church dramas.