Thursday, May 15, 2008

magic number 20

An update on my leg...After running 4mi on Sunday and 3.2mi on Monday, my knee had completely gone stiff. I had to hobble out of the gym on Monday afternoon, I was thinking "there goes my hope for 20mi this week..." So I (wisely) too Tuesday off to rest the knee and hoped that it would feel better.

I woke up on Wed with nearly no pain and no stiffness at all! PTL! So, instead of relegating myself to the eliptical, I hopped on the treadmill and ran 4mi with no pain, no stiffness! I have been stretching better as well as doing some squats and lunges to try and build strength in my knee. I believe it may be working... :)

I still feel great today and am looking forward to getting to the gym after drama rehearsal tonight again. As I still have the magic number of 20 in my head, I'm hoping for another strong 4mi tonight.

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Jennifer said...

yea for a good leg!