Sunday, June 8, 2008

maybe t.m.i.

A recap of the past few days and what I've been up to, running-wise. Thursday I hit the gym with my friend, Jennifer, and got a solid three miles in. Friday, I did not go running as I was out running errands and had a commitment back at GC later that night...I figured it wasn't the nicest thing to go back all sweaty. Saturday was a slightly discouraging day. I did go around the lake but stopped to walk more times than I'd care to admit. Oh well...just one of those days, I suppose.

Today after the craziness at church (singing at 4 services with the rest of the staff) and Summerfest (the all church picnic), I decided that even though it's 90 deg, I really should get a run in. I planned on walking quite a bit since it was so hot and I hadn't really eaten that much. It was a nice to get out after a really long day and just release some tiredness.

The thing that has struck me recently is (this is where the TMI comes in..) I sweat SO much! I was leaving the gym the other day and my arms were completely soaked, as in dripping. Today was the same thing. I just wonder what makes some people sweat more than others? Is there something I can do to not sweat so much? I mean, really, it's kind of disgusting...

I'm told there is nothing I can do. God created me to sweat like a man, I just have to deal.

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Rob & Vanessa said...

If it makes you feel better, Ang, I'm right there with you. Embrace the girl sweat!