Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mile marker misadventures

Yesterday was a gorgeous day...sunny and 85deg. It was a little warm for a run but I really couldn't pass up being outside in that weather! I went for a run along the Lexington trail towards Arlington. I like that side because it goes thru the towns and not just in the woods...and you see a lot of people, which is fun for me.

I planned to run 3mi and what I usually do is run halfway then turn around and run back. Well, yesterday I decided since I have time and it's a great day, I'll just keep going for 2mi out then turn around.

So, I started out at the 3.5 mile marker and got to the 5 thinking that I would turn around once I got to the 5.5....only, there was no 5.5 so I just continued running! Once I got to the 6mi marker, I figured I'd just keep going to the 6.5 then turn around. So all in all I ended up running 4.5 and walking another 1.5. Not too bad...
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