Friday, August 22, 2008

1.2 plus 3=O.K.

The past few days have left a little to be desired, training wise. Tuesday, I was able to get another 2.7mi in before heading over to Andy and Dawn's house for dinner with them and Jennifer. That was good.

Wednesday was spent at Water Country with the Middle School group. Is there a way to not eat fast food when with the MS group? The answer is of course, NO! At the park: pizza. After the park: Burger King. And no running...instead walking around barefoot in a bathing suit all day. That has fun written all over it! ;) In all seriousness though, it was a really fun day. I got to spend all morning and afternoon with my new 6th grade girls. They are such fun! I am looking forward to a splendid year.

Yesterday I hung out with a friend who live .6mi away from me. You'd think since we live so close we'd get to see each other often. That is not the case. But last night we made time to walk the lake together. It was such fun that I ended up staying for dinner. Good times! So, the total for yesterday is 1.2mi ran (0.6mi at a time) and 3mi walked around the lake.

Tonight I hope to get 3mi in before going over to help a friend pack for a move to Alabama...sadness! Tomorrow, I'll get another 3mi in then head down to CT to visit some dear friends who just had twins! Whaahooo!


Katrina said... the friend you helped pack to move to Alabama has now lived in said state for over a month....I'm thinking it might be time to update the blog sista! I'm working on mine now...

Katrina said...

Oh - and THANK YOU for all of your help! Love you! k

Mark said...

I don't have much to say about this post except I like the wallapaper on your page.