Tuesday, August 19, 2008

starting over hurts!

Note to self: taking 2 months off is not wise. Getting back into the swing of things hurts! My muscles are yelling at me today saying, "What are you doing?! We enjoyed being lazy!!!"

True, my legs are tight today, however it's the good kind of pain...you know, when you feel like you've worked hard for that pain and you deserve it. I kinda like it... :) And I know that as I continue to run, it will get easier and less painful.

Yesterday I went for 2.7(ish) miles on the trail in Lexington. It is SO convenient to do that after work! After I made dinner, Jennifer came over and we walked the lake. For the record, that's 7mi put in yesterday, not all of it was run - it was mostly walked, but still!!

Tonight I'll put in another 2.5mi before spending some quality time with quality friends. :)

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Erin said...

wow, way to go Ang!