Saturday, March 7, 2009

a nice "warm" day

Today's run was awesome!  It was 55deg, bright sunshine, some wind...but the wind felt really good.  I did the same 7.5mi loop but for some reason I was a minute slower today than last week.  No worries, it's not that big of a deal.  I hadn't done anything Thursday night (I went to a play that some of my girls were in then hung out with their families for a time for the gym) or Friday night (I was feeling off and just did want to go to the gym so I didn't).  So again, I was ready to go today!

With the weather being so nice this weekend and daylight savings, I really hope to get some runs in outside next week.  Especially hoping for Monday night and Thursday night...but we'll see.  Spring in never know what the weather will be like...  

Oh, I saw marathon man again today (twice).  The first time he passed me and we commented to one another about the weather.  The second time he just said hi! and sped on past.  One of these times I'm gonna ask him if he really is running a marathon...  and if so, what tips he's got for me!  :)

The rest of today will be spent with some of my favorite girls.  The 9th grader I mentor and her two sisters.  This weekend is the marriage retreat for the church so their folks are away for the night.  Good excuse to hang out with some really great girls.  Good times...  
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