Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm gonna be honest here, folks. Training has been tough. I've yet to train myself to get up early and run (I am NOT a morning person without 2 cups of coffee!), so I've been running after work. Usually, it works out great - I miss traffic going home - but lately the heat and humidity have made for slow, uncomfortable running. Case in point: last night I planned for 12...but only made it 7. I was so mad!! But I was feeling really bad and needed to stop...

One good thing about last night was I felt very innovative with my water bottle. I didn't have my pack (surprise, surprise) but knew I needed to have water. So I brought a normal bottle, after about 2 miles I was so sick of carrying it! I decided to shove it right between my shoulder blades in my sports bra. Worked perfectly...although my water did get quite warm since my body temperature was a little high... :) And I may have looked a bit like Quasimodo to others but let's be honest...there's nothing too attractive about me when I'm running anyways!

I'm hoping to get some more mileage in tonight after dinner with one of my Middle School girls. I have to try and find some lesser used roads in Boxborough, where I'm living this week. We'll see how that goes!

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Katrina said...

Come on down here to southeast Alabama. I guarantee that the hottest, most humid day in MA will feel like a crisp fall afternoon. :)

That said - it is all relative. Heat and humidity are no fun wherever you are!

Miss you!