Wednesday, August 5, 2009

not beating the heat

I took a few days off to recover from my 10miler (and to head up to Camp Berea with the Middle Schoolers). Yesterday was my first run in three days and although it should have been was a killer! With temps at about 85deg and much humidity, I really struggled to keep my pace. I made it the entire 7miles but there was many a walking break in there! And without my watch (I totally forgot to pack it when I went to work in the am) I have no idea how long it took. I had begun wishing I'd worn my pack so I could have had something to drink along the way but I didn't have that either, stupid mistake.

Speaking of the pack I had a request to share it with you. It's from Ultimate Direction, called Access. Check it out.

On to the training schedule (in the hopes that you will keep me accountable to this...), tonight I am hoping for 4mi. I have a full day of work, Bible Study and drama rehearsal so I'm hoping to squeeze in a run around 4pm or so today. Tomorrow, I may try to get a run in before heading to the Leadership Summit at will be a busy morning as I finish up house/kitty sitting. After work, I'll be heading back up to Berea to spend the rest of the week with my kids and fellow leaders. Friday I am SO looking forward to an early morning run along Newfound Lake...maybe even see a sunrise?! It might even be worth me bringing my camera along...I make no promises but check back next week for a pic or two. :)

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