Monday, August 3, 2009

i made it!

10 miles=done! Friday, in between the thunderstorms, I was able to get a sweet 10miler in. And the best part of all...there is no injury to speak of! I was nervous about logging this many miles since the last time I tried 10, I ended up with tendinitis in my ITBand.

This time the only bother was a new pack I tried out for the first time. It's kind of like a fanny pack...only way cooler. At least that's what I'm telling myself. It's got a water bottle holder and a pouch for power-packed snacks. I strapped it on and set out for the first 7miles before doubling back for the final 3. About 30seconds in, I was hating the new pack. It felt like an additional 20lbs wrapped around my waist pulling at my stomach. Most uncomfortable... It got a little better as I got used to it. I like being able to have the water and the snacks but I'm not too excited about having this thing strapped to me on my long runs.

Like I said, when I doubled back to my car after the first 7miles, I put the pack in the car and headed off for the last 3. Ironically enough, I ran the last three slower (without the pack) than the first seven (with the pack). Hmmm, maybe it was all in my head...

Anyway, I'm stoked that that is done and I'm movin' on up! In mileage, that is. I planned out the rest of my long runs. Here goes:
Aug 9 - 12miles
Aug 16 - 10miles
Aug 23 - 15miles
Aug 30 - 12miles
Sept 6 - 17miles
Sept 13 - 14miles
Sept 20 - 20miles (note that the 20miler comes on the 20th. This was not coincidental.) :)
After that, it's all lower mileage until Oct 11th when I will be shooting for 26.2 miles!!!!!!!!!!! The excitement is building...and I can NOT WAIT!!!


Katrina said...

Way to go Ang!! Keep up the good work...and keep on blogging (I will too...promise!)

Kevin said...

Great job. Would you mind posting a link or picture of this pack you are talking about?

Erin said...

Good job! I'm so excited for you and your marathon goal.