Friday, July 31, 2009

trips = over, training = serious business

Well, it's been yet another month since my last post. July was a BUSY month for me!

I headed off to Trinidad from the 4th to the 12th. It was an amazing trip with 11 kids and 2 other leaders. We organized a VBS, did some construction and went on a few ministry visits to an orphanage, preschool and an elderly home. Trinidad is a beautiful country with wonderful people and it was such a blessing to me to go back. I connected with a few really great women down there and I hope to get back there soon...maybe next year?! ;)

I was home for a short week, 5 days, where I caught up on some miles. Nothing fancy, just 4-5mi three times that week. On the 18th, a group of 26 students and 6 leaders headed to Pittsburgh for the night then drove down to Philippi, West Virginia on Sunday. Runningwise, both of these places are butt-kickers. Seriously. Hills like you wouldn't believe! It was hard but by the end of the week I was loving it! We spent a week in Philippi working at Haven of Hope Church and also at Louise Espisito's home. We met some AMAZING people who treated us like family. It was such a joy to serve God with and among these people. The week was over far too quickly and I miss being there...

Coming up, I've got a few days at Camp Berea planned. This is one of my favorite places in the world. It's right on Newfound Lake in Hebron, NH, and is absolutely peaceful, stunning, wonderful and amazing. I mean, it's okay... ;)

Anyway, here's the scoop on the training. Before leaving for Trini I ran 9.2miles, knowing it would be the last run in a while. It felt so good! There was no running for me in Trinidad but like I mentioned, I got some mileage in the week in between the trips. I did run in WV, 4 times, but wasn't able to calculate distance so just went with times. I'm back to the longer distances this week, finished a 7.5 on Tuesday, 3 yesterday and shooting for 10 today. My inserts are starting to wear down and I can feel it in my left knee...the one with the problems from before heading out today I need to remember to pick some up.

Also, it has been blazin' hot here with wicked humidity! It's just harder to keep up the pace when you feel like you are running thru a wall. :) So my times have been around 10.10min miles, which isn't bad...kinda what I'm shooting for the day of the marathon. Which by the way is 71 days, 23 hours away. AAAAHHHHHH!!

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