Friday, June 26, 2009

for meghan

I've been chastised for not posting in quite some time. Meghan, I am sorry about that... No good excuses.

Quick update after "all the med stuff". I am running again and am SO happy about that! It's just over 16 weeks to the marathon and I am trying and praying and hoping really hard that I'll be ready! So here's the scoop. About 2 weeks ago I decided to try inserts in my running shoes as suggested by my physical therapist (who I stopped going to). Lo and behold, it worked!! They aren't anything fancy, just store-bought Dr. Scholl's but they have made ALL the difference.

Turns out that I pronate which means that my arches kind of turn in and haven't been supported properly. Which puts a lot of strain on the IT band, which causes tendinitis. Having more support helps my arches to be supported, obviously causing less strain on the IT band and allowing the tendinitis to heal and pretty much go away. I'm still being cautious though and have purchased a special stretching tool, a foam roller. It's exactly what it sounds like. A giant foam rolling pin. So simple...yet helps SO much.

I've gotten in about 30miles over the past two weeks which is huge! This Saturday is my first long run since I injured myself in the 10miler oh-so-long ago. I'll be doing 7mi. And I hope to be between 8-10mi before I leave for Trinidad (in about 8days).

Speaking of Trinidad, I am very excited to go...very nervous as well. There are so many variables when taking 11 minors into a foreign country! If you will join me in prayer for this trip, I would greatly appreciate it! We'll be gone from July 4th-12th. Side note: There is no real way to run in Trini so I'm planning to bring a jump rope and will hopefully keep up with some cardio while down there.

After returning from Trini, I'll be home (running my buns off!!) for less than a week and leave for another trip to West Virginia. Far less variables, however, taking 26 minors anywhere is a great task. :) This trip is from July 18th-26th. Prayer for this is appreciated as well.

This post has gone on long enough...thanks for reading and checking in and hanging with me. More will come, I promise (just not while I'm away...) :)

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Meghan said...

fantastic post. Can't wait for the jump-roping blog. "A marathon hop?"