Friday, May 15, 2009

all the med stuff

Since my last post there have been some interesting developments in regards to my knee.  I visited my PCP on May 6th.  After telling her all about my knee and how I've been feeling she prescribed me some Ibuprofen, recommended I ice it, and promptly told me to go to the Orthopedic office.  She did not even look or touch my knee...which I found interesting...

At the Ortho, I was given xrays in which they found that my knees look great!  There is nothing wrong with the cartilage and everything is sitting where it's supposed to.  She then poked and pushed and pulled on my leg to figure out where the pain was coming from.  By poking and pushing and pulling, she managed to make me pretty sore.  She then referred me to a Physical Therapist.

The PT place I started visiting on May 7th is called Sports and Physical Therapist Associates.  They are really nice and I enjoy going...although sometimes they use this "tool" that scrapes my leg in order to loosen up my muscle.  It does not feel good.  After a round of excersizes  and stretches, I get iced for 10min and I'm free to go.

The bummer about all this is that the PT told me I shouldn't do the Half Marathon that I was so looking forward to.  It makes sense, I need to get fully healed so recovery is not longer than necessary.  So, I'm going to do the 5miler instead next Sunday.  There will be another Half that I'm sure I can do to prepare for Chicago.  But if I had to miss Chicago because I didn't heal properly, that would NOT be okay...

I didn't get much running in this week.  I am back to running cautiously at low mileage.  As long as what I do doesn't hurt, I'll be okay.  I hope to get between 4-5 in tomorrow, hoping it's going to be a nice day.  

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Meghan said...

Dear Angela,
Where are all the posts since May 15? sincerely, Reader