Monday, August 31, 2009

run, run far!

This past week was a great one for training!! It was cool, well, it wasn't in the 90's. It was not so humid, and it was sunny! After getting in the 13.7mi on Tuesday, I took Wednesday off to go up to Water Country with the Middle Schoolers from church. It was a good way to get some of the built up lactic acid out of my muscles. My downfall was not drinking enough water...after lunch I started to feel a bit faint and really worn out. I couldn't really figure out why, then remembered that I'd hardly drank any water all day! Whoops! Hanging out back at the picnic tables by our stuff downing a liter of water certainly helped me in feeling much better!

On Thursday, I met up with my friend John for dinner and a run. We went on a 4.5mi loop thru Waltham. It's always good to run with someone faster than you (which John most certainly is!) and in a place where you haven't been before. At least that's true for me. It helps me concentrate on what's surrounding me instead of my own physical pain. :) I've been sticking around the 10min-10:30min mark but with John I ended up running at a 9:14min pace. Friday I picked it up even more! Knowing I had only a short window of time I set out on a quick, hilly loop around my neighborhood. I got in 3.17mi in 28min and some odd seconds. It equaled out to 9.02min miles. Hot diggity!

Saturday we were doused with rain from one of the tropical storms making it's way up the coast so I took that day off but yesterday got in a great long run...the longest I've ever run in my life. 15miles. Whoa. It was so far...I don't know what I'm going to do with another 11miles tacked onto that!! :) I hit a wall with 3miles to go. I just wanted water...that was all I could think about. I envied all the bikers passing me, they all had water bottles with them. With one mile to go I started telling myself...just 10 more minutes then I can have all the water I want. It was a struggle but I pushed thru and made it in 2hrs, 37mins, 23 sec. That's a 10:29min/mile. I feel pretty good about that timing. And I'm thankful that I was able to complete that distance!!

This week will be a little bit lighter on mileage. I'll try to get a 10miler in on Wednesday or so but with a 25K on Monday I want to have some fresh legs! Pray for me!! :)

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Kevin said...

Doesn't look like you will have to worry about it this week but you haven't been avoiding running in the rain totally have you? I would think marathons go on even in the event of rain. Just want to make sure you are fully prepared. Keep up the miles. You're doing great!