Friday, January 29, 2010

daily runs are like devos

As my alarm was going off this morning at 4:55am, I began thinking how getting a daily run in is often like getting a daily devo in. For the record, I did NOT get up this morning to get to the gym. Instead I reset the alarm for 2hrs later, got up at my typical time and skipped the early workout. I hate to say it but it's because my leg is beginning to hurt again. :( But two days rest, icing, and ibu are helping and with a 10miler on the schedule for tomorrow, I didn't want to risk it getting inflamed today.

Okay, on to my analogy. So, I was talking the other day with someone about when he typically runs. Always in the morning. Can't run any other time. Me? I always run in the evening. It's hard for me to run any other time. Just like each runner needs to find the perfect time of day to get miles in, we need to find the best time of day to get our time with God in. Some stress that it must happen in the morning to start your day off right. Some stress that it needs to happen in the evening to wind down their day. Others find various times through out the day to get their quiet time with God in.

For me, no good things happen in the morning prior to my first cup of coffee. No good runs, no good devos. I have found times that these work best for me...later in the day. You may be different. Maybe you're a morning devo and a morning runner (or maybe just a morning devo-er). ;)

Anyway, this was my great revelation at 5am this morning as I reset the alarm got some more shut eye. Thanks for listening! For training purposes, this week I've logged only 13 miles. With 10 tomorrow that will be 23, and I'm hoping to do a slow recovery run of about 3 on Sunday so that will make my total for the week 26. Not too bad.

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