Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nike+ is really cool

Yesterday began with 9deg temps and lots of wind. Of course, the day of my long run it's the coldest its been all season. After enjoying breakfast and some quality time with my friend, Dawn, I stopped by the sports store to see if I could pick up another pair of running tights. I got distracted by the shiny new shoes as they were featuring the Nike+ Lunarglides. These were the shoes that were featured at the Marathon Expo as Nike was one of the sponsors. I decided I might as well try some on, just to see... I ended up purchasing them. Eeeee!

When I got home, I got ready to head out for my 10miles. I put on my new Lunarglides and headed out the door. Not only did they feel great, they have a special place for the Nike+ sensor that corresponds with my Sportband. The Sportband records the pace of each mile, your overall distance, calories burned and overall time. It's pretty awesome. The sportband has a usb connector that plugs right into the computer and brings up the Nike+ website to log your run. It also connects to which is where I log all of my runs.

I think I may have underestimated the temp when I headed had "warmed up" to about 20deg with a little less wind. I saw someone else running while I drove home and she wasn't that bundled up and looked warm enough. So, I put on a pair of tights, a winter shirt that was a little looser than I should have worn, my down vest, gloves and earband. It was about a mile into the run when I began wishing I had worn another pair of pants and another shirt as well as a full hat instead of just the ear band. It was COLD!!!! I could have turned back and gotten more clothes on but decided to just keep going.

Around mile 3.5-4mi my right shin started acting up again with the shin splints. I knew that I needed to keep going to get these miles in. So around mile 4.5 I stopped to rub it out, which helped. It became a dull ache for the rest of the run instead of a sharp pain. Ugh, I am so frustrated by this!

When I got home, I was SO cold. And before I could get a nice warm shower, I had to ice my leg...which of course made me colder. To take my mind off that, I plugged in my sportband to find that I ran my 10.23miles in 1:37:15. That's 9:32min/miles! I feel good about that. Also found that a few of my miles were run in 8+ min/miles. Who am I? :)

My shin is still a bit sore today. Still, I'm hoping to get a short recovery run in today since I won't be able to get any mileage in tomorrow.


Jerry said...

Hey Lunar glides You like we like! sounds like you had a good run inspite of the shin splints sorry about those MOM

Katrina said...

I got cold just reading this!! That's pretty cool that the sportband can record that info for you! You ROCK! Miss you!