Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's all relative

I was thinking today that a majority of things in this life are relative to who you are and where you are in your life. And that applies to runners and non-runners as well.

Case in point: if I were to tell you that it was warm today, would you believe me? (those of you who are in my general location, that is.) I went out for a run around 12:30pm today and was warm for the first time in a while at the beginning of the run. The sun was shining, the temp was over 40! Only half a mile in, I began thinking maybe I was over dressed! I had on my running tights (which, honestly, I swore I would never I can not run in the winter with out them!), a longsleeved shirt (very thin), my windbreaker, gloves and earband. Not over dressed but thoughtfully dressed - considering it's still February!

Thankfully, it was a bit windy today so that made my get-up fitting and I ended up not being too warm but just right. Just as I never thought I'd be in tights, I never thought I'd use the words "thankfully" and "windy" in the same sentence...

Anywho. If you recall in a post I made just after New Years, I resolved not to feel guilty if I miss a day of running. Well, friends, I have missed 4 this week. Sunday was an off day so that doesn't count (a friend and I did 10.02mi on Saturday), Monday: I just didn't make time, Tuesday: I was sick and Weds: again, didn't make time. I will tell you I began to have the faintest twinge of guilt because the half is only a week and a half away! But, I realized that it's okay. I'm not going to not be able to run just because I've had an off week. Last week was a 35mi week and I'm thinking that's what made me come down with a cold... I need to be a bit more careful to not over do it, it would seem.

So, today, with this silly head cold making me feel like junk, I figured a noontime run would be perfect. And it was. As I mentioned before, it was sunny and warm (relatively...). I got 5.45 mi in with a time of 51.02 (that's 9:21min/miles!!!!). Distance and time are also relative...just sayin'.

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