Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the post of good news

Be advised: this is not The Good News, but simply, good news. :)

In the week since my last post, life has been busy. What else is new? Good news is that it hasn't been so busy that I've had to forgo my workouts! Hooray for minor victories in life.

Last week, just after the half marathon, I did a couple of days of slooooooow jogging/walking due to a sore right knee. That was Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I took the day off. Thurs, got 4 good ones in. Friday was another day off (hit up a dinner party and indulged in homemade cheesecake, yum!). Saturday was a glorious day - nearly 60deg, sunny and breezy. I had gone to breakfast with some friends then shopping with another and by the time I got home I was positively itching to get my shoes laced up and out the door. Clocked in a 6.65miler in exactly 1hr! That is exactly 2 minutes faster than my previous attempt at that same loop just 2 weeks earlier. Needless to say I was pumped!!

This week has been another good week for running outside. My knee is slowly but surely getting better. Just a bit of tightness as I hit mile 2 then loosens up and I'm able to get the rest of the run in.

My favorite moment this week was the realization that the sun sets late enough for me to get a run in on the Minuteman Bike Path after work! Monday I was able to get 5miles in!! Yesterday was 6!!! And it will be even better next week as we spring forward and it stays lighter, longer. I can hardly stand it! I'm just hopeful this weather (50s, sunny) sticks around.

One more bit of news: My brother has become a runner. I couldn't be prouder. He called my this past Saturday to let me know he'd just gotten a PR in a 5K. In two weeks he'll complete a 10K, two weeks after that he'll complete a 10miler. And three weeks after that he'll complete a....HALF MARATHON!! I remember when he told me I was positively nuts for running that far and he would "never run a half marathon." Alas, he will. He has registered. There is no going back. And what kind of a sister would I be if I weren't there to run it with him?! So yesterday, I booked my flights to Louisville and registered for the Derby Festival Mini Marathon. If you check out the course you'll see that a mile of it takes place in Churchill Downs (not on the dirt, on a track inside, but still!)! Exciting times ahead, friends!

And this concludes my post of good news.

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