Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This whole running thing seems to be inspiring! People seem to be thinking, "if she can do it, I can do it." I'm speaking of a few good friends who have now decided that running is the thing for them! And I must say, it makes me very happy to have had the smallest part in that. Here's a short list of who is now a "runner":

Lauren: I spoke of her most recently as she ran the Hyannis Half Marathon with me. Her very first race was my birthday 5K and that was just the beginning. We began encouraging her to do the half and though she was nervous about it, she totally rocked it! Currently, Lauren is thinking about a Tri and maybe a marathon is in her future...

Meghan: This dear friend also did the birthday 5K (do you sense a theme?). She was nervous about being able to complete the distance so she did not register. However, she's been running more and more and even registered for a 5mile race on Palm Sunday, 3/28. I'll be there with her, as will her husband (also a runner). Hosanna!

Jayme: With two small children it's hard to find time to run...luckily, Jayme has a treadmill. She was not one to run outside until just last year. I got her to log some miles with me last summer and in October (just one day after my marathon), Jayme completed her first 10K! This spring, we are talking about doing a half together!! June 27th is the inaugural Boston 13.1. And even though it starts at 6:13am...we will be there at the starting line. I've just got to get her outside for more runs...

Ben: My brother who told me less than 2 years ago that he would NEVER run more than a 5K is now training for a 10K, a 10miler and the previously mentioned Kentucky Derby Half Marathon. I am so excited to see him getting excited for these races and distances.

Now, to clarify, I'm not saying I have inspired these friends. What I'm trying to say is that I am excited to see them enjoying something that I so greatly enjoy. It is exciting and FUN to be able to race and run with so many more people. There is a lot to look forward to this spring...

Training-wise, this past week was a bit of a wash (and I mean that quite literally). I got two good days in, 11miles...and then the rains came and my ambition went away. I don't feel bad about not running for a few days...sometimes, you just need to take a few days off. However, I am very excited that Daylight Savings Time is here, it will stay lighter longer, and the weather is getting nice. I will be able to get outside more after work as opposed to heading to the gym. Hooray!
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