Friday, September 3, 2010

nervous to run

(I'll forgo the "I'm sorry for not posting" triteness and simply get to the understand.)

And here's why: My IT Band is inflamed, again. This time with just weeks until the marathon. At least last time, it was months prior to the marathon. Although it did make me miss a favorite half. I'll spare you the details of how it happened, or rather, why it happened.

Instead, here I am: Exactly one month from Marathon Day and I sit with Ibuprofen in my blood stream, ice on my knee and a foam roller within arms reach. In just 7 days I will attempt a SLOW, like S L O W!, 20 miler and if that goes all kinds of wrong, I will bump down to the half marathon on Oct 3rd instead of attempting the full.

Friends, this makes me sad, and discouraged, and frustrated, and mad at running. The last doesn't make much sense I understand, because in all actuality, I did this to myself. But still. Ugh, the nerve of RUNNING!

This week I have tried a 4mi walk (felt fine!) a 3mi run (felt ok!) and a 4.76mi run (felt eh!). Tomorrow I'll try a slow 6mi and see how we do.

Highlight of todays run: Hurricane Earl made a brief appearance half way thru my run! It was windy and rainy from mile 2.5 till about mi 3.5...then it was just wicked humid again. Hopefully we'll see some action later on tonight!

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