Tuesday, July 27, 2010

another 12 miles, another bruise

I don't have too much to report so far this week. I've gotten up early, I've gotten my miles in. It's been pretty uneventful. I will recap for you my long run done with two very good friends last Saturday.

We got a bit of a later start, 9am, but we did stay up late the night before, 11:30pm. We took off from the house in Peabody, a short distance later we were in Salem (where I got yet another running "injury": we were running along on the sidewalk and I whacked a light post with my elbow...I now have a small bruise right on my funny bone. Hilarious.). After another short distance, we went up and over a bridge into Beverly. Here we turned and headed for the coast. It was so nice to see the water and the sun (just barely coming thru the clouds, thankfully!) reflecting on the ocean. Here we stopped at a water fountain for a quick break.

After this, it gets a bit hazy...I'm not sure where we were or where we were headed. I just knew we were plugging along at a pretty great pace, up and over some rolling hills. Around mile 10 we were well on our way back to the house when we came across another bridge (we could see the other one we went over on the way out) that has to turn sideways to let boats thru. We hit it just right so that we had to wait for about 7min or so for it to do it's thing. For those of you who don't run...when you're doing a long distance, it's best not to stop...it hurts to start up again!

We made it about another half mile or so when we came upon a golf course. Some golfers we passed alerted us that there was a FOX on the course!!! We paused again to check that out. Oye. Although, I'll admit, it was pretty cool to see a fox...I've never seen one that close up...or ever in real life!

With about a mile to go or so, I began to feel like I had water in my left ear. It was like I'd gone under water and got some in my ear. I'm sure you know the feeling. Well, this had never happened to me while running before so it freaked me out a bit....I realized that it must just have been sweat that got into my ear. Yuck. It went away after I cooled down and stopped sweating.
The payoff after this run was a day at the beach with my two great friends. Amazing day.

Yesterday, I logged just over 6 miles (6.33), it was a highly uneventful and predictable run. Today I went for some hills and also a new loop. It was fun...hilly, but fun. I ended up with 3.77 and elevation gain/loss of about 200 ft. Here's a picture of most of the run:

I really liked this loop and I'll definitely be doing this again!

Also, this morning I realized how SOON the Marathon really is... 2 stinkin', measly, short months! Yikes! I really hope I'm gonna be ready...

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