Friday, October 15, 2010

not fast; fastER

I know I have promised you pictures...and they will come. Just not yet...

For now I have to share with you my run from Wednesday night. I am staying with one of my HS girls while her parents are away, just one town over from where I live. It's a neighborhood that I'm familiar with but not so much that I know all the back roads.

I had to kinda talk myself into even getting out of the door that night, knowing that it would be dark soon, I felt many excuses! But since my girl had a ton of homework and studying I figured I might as well go out for a run before we have dinner together. I told her I'd just be going out for a short 3miler or so and I'd be back in about half an hour.

I took off towards the area where the schools are and instead of turning up a road that would lead back to their network of streets, I decided to keep going and explore a bit. I came to Main St and knew where I was. I'd been thinking about running up this street for a while (maybe a year?) since I have some friends who live off of it...I'd imagined running to and from their house... Anyway, I turned up the street and plugged along knowing that I was pushing the pace a bit, but it was enjoyable. I told myself I'd turn around at the ice cream place on the corner just over this hill...ok, over the next, maybe it's over this next rise?!

Finally there it was and I took a left onto another road that I vaguely knew. I just didn't realize how long it was... I kept thinking, I'll run into the main road soon. Soon. SOON! About 3 miles later, I did. It was starting to get pretty dark and I didn't have my reflective gear on (stupid!) so I was getting a bit nervous as there wasn't a sidewalk for a bit. Just as I was coming to the start of the sidewalk, I saw a guy headed my way from a side street. He was going along at a pretty good clip and I was just ahead of him. My pride got the better of me at this point... I did NOT want him to pass me! So I kicked it into high gear until I reached my turn off.

So I made it back to the house after a bit more time than I had anticipated, excited to see just how far I'd gone. Turns out, the total distance was 4.82miles. My time was 42:43. Readers, this is the fastest pace I've ever gone... 8:51min/mi. I am pleased. By no means am I fast...but I am getting faster.

Yesterday was a day off. Today will be a quick one (maybe 4miles?) in the Nor'easter (windy and rainy...but not too cold). And tomorrow will be a long one: perhaps 7miles or so.

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