Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a plethora of race photos

The following collection of photos are from three races: The Maine Half Marathon, Tufts 10K for Women, and 5K for Life. Enjoy!

Kirsten and I are ready to go!

Almost halfway done!

A new PR - 2:08:08!!!!

I had supporters at the finish line...BEST!

Kirsten finishing strong

The runners and the fan club :)

The finishers

Hardware - note: the little is for the half, the big is for the full

Tufts 10K Finish line. I was happy to see people I knew...but I was exhausted!

to the finish!

The runners - me, Jayme and Ingrid

5K for Life finish line on my way to a new PR - 26:35

This was Erika and Karyn's first race ever! Soooo proud of them.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Attn... you are quite photogenic while running. Good work.