Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am not currently in training for anything. I am simply pre-training. That is, training to begin training. Getting in shape enough to being an Intermediate Marathon Program. It's intense and I'm excited to get started. But before I get too amped to being this program, I need to make sure I am in proper shape to do this program well. Which is what the pre-training is for.

What's pre-training look like, you may ask. Let me tell you what it looks like for me. I make sure to run between 25-30mi a week with at least one long run (8mi or more) a week. I will run a couple short, fast ones (3mi at 9:00 pace) and a couple mid-length at a comfortable pace (6-7miles, 9:30 pace). Currently I am taking 2 days off a week...but in the intermediate program, I only get one. That makes me nervous but also excited for the challenge!

Quick update on some recent runs: I've been spoiled these past few weeks with having running buddies join me often. My friend, Erika (who is training for a half marathon on Dec 4th) was in town so we made the goal to get to 10miles while she was here. And, readers, I am happy to report that we made it! We ran a 7.5mi loop on the 23rd and felt good. Then followed up with a 10.55mi loop on the 30th and felt great! Erika's friend (and my new friend!) Karyn has been running as well and joined us for both of these distances. Tonight Karyn and I will shoot for 12mi. Can't wait!! All these group runs have made me lonely when I have to run by myself!

Also, winter is nearly upon us and it is very apparent here in the North East. It gets dark at 5:30pm, the high temp is only 50...and that's in the middle of the day. By the time I get out to run it's dark and 40deg. Brrr. Thankfully I've got my trusty winter gear out as well as my stylish and ever so flattering reflective vest. Better safe than sorry... :)


Andrew and Christy Johnson said...

Angie! Thought I would let you know that I am training for a marathon in April! My sister-in-law and I are going to run the St. Louis Marathon...I'm on day two of training and still going strong ;) -Christy

Anonymous said...

I just bought Tim a stylish armband for his evening runs, as it is now dark by the time he goes. He is now LED powered.

erika said...

I miss my running buddies!