Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's all about the t-shirt

I'm not gonna lie.  Sometimes, I run races simply because I want the race shirt.  So I can wear it and say, "See, I am a real runner.  I do RACES."  My very favorite shirts are the ones that are the wick-away fabric...especially the long sleeved ones!

Today I used my lunch hour to drive out to Andover to pick up my bib and shirt for Thursday's Feaster Five.  I didn't need to do this, but after too many races receiving shirts that are too large and ill-fitting, I decided I wanted to take a drive and make sure I get a shirt that is my size and that I can wear!

Below are a few of my shirts, not nearly all of them but a few of my more recent races.  Some are cool and subtle, some are loud and ostentatious.  Either way, I'm proud to wear them and say, "Yes, I run.  And I pay money to run.  Because I LIKE to run."  Which one is your favorite?

My very favorite shirt is the one below in the middle, with New Balance written on the side.  It fits perfectly and is the best choice when the temperature is 50deg outside.  I did a 10K specifically because I wanted that shirt.  :)

I must admit that I don't often wear my Chicago Marathon shirt...because that one is a little too braggy, I think.  But it's a favorite because it's from a marathon!


Becky said...

I like the lighthouse one the best...no surprise there though!

Anonymous said...

I like the marathon one! It's pretty stylish for a race shirt, too. Go for it. Wear it to work on a day you don't want any nonsense from people.