Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LSD - it's not what you think...

After a couple days off, I went out for a much-needed LSD.  No, it's not the drug.  It's a type of training run.  It stands for Long Slow Distance.  It helps get the body used to running longer and longer distances.

I didn't go too, too far.  Just 9 miles.  My pace was not fast, but not too slow either.  9:41min/miles.  Typically an LSD is run at 1-2min slower than race pace.  So I should have been trying to keep a 10-11min pace....but I felt so good last night I couldn't go any slower!  In fact, I wanted to run more but towards the end I couldn't feel my hands so I figured it was time to head home.

And that's another thing...I don't understand why my hands go numb and my right arm gets all tingly.  It's an odd sensation and one that only happens when it's cold.  It must have something to do with circulation...  More research is needed on this subject.  I have noticed that, even when I'm not running, when I'm cold, my hands turn white and I have trouble moving them.  Which is in part why I carry a bottle of hot water with me.  Hmmm, maybe I should look into carry a bottle of hot water with me when I run?  Nah.  But I will look into this a bit more, for sure.

The next few days I'll get some shorter runs in.  On Saturday, I plan to run a half marathon "with" my friend, Erika.  She'll be in Memphis running the St. Jude Half Marathon and since I can't be there with her, I will run the same distance and we'll be together in spirit.  :)  She's probably gonna kick butt.

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