Monday, November 10, 2014

the wall

I'm not really a collector of stuff. I have some angel figurines from over the years. And I have a few Hummels my parents have given me. But I can't say that I actually collect something. However, I do keep things. :) Especially when it comes to my running stuff. I guess I'm sort of sentimental that way. I still, at times, can't believe that this running thing is something I enjoy and continue to do!

What types of things do I keep?

1. Medals. I have every medal I've ever received. Whether it was for a 5K (some of them give out medals, I don't know why) or a marathon. I keep them. Most of my medals are tucked away, but the marathon medals are where I can see them everyday.

2. Bibs. I have (almost) every bib I've ever worn. I used to write the date and my time on the back (and have an Excel spreadsheet) but I haven't done that in years. I keep them with the thought that someday I'll move into a permanent home and I can somehow decorate with them. Or turn them into coasters... In any case, I have 'em. (Perhaps I should add the marathon bibs to the wall below?)

3. Posters. If the race I'm doing happens to have a poster they have created just for the occasion, I will pick it up. Even if it means searching the expo high and low and asking multiple volunteers, as was the case at NYC. It started with Chicago and now I have 4 posters from my 7 marathons. And just like the medals, I look at them everyday.

4. Shirts. I don't keep all of these, by any stretch. Some are just plain ugly and I either give them away or use them as throw away shirts at other races. And some are old and out of the rotation, so those are given away, as well. There are some that I love: Route One 5K from all the years (this year's was super bright yellow so it's great for dark runs, but these have all fit well and are cozy cotton), Black Cat 10mi, Chicago Nike DriFit (I purchased this one so I guess it doesn't really count, but I really like it...), Tufts 10K for Women (I have run this race *just* for the shirt).

5. Various and sundry items. There are some random things I've received at races: pint glasses (you bet I keep those!), programs, gloves, hats, etc.

If you run races, do you keep anything or do you cycle stuff out after a few years? What do you do with your medals?

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