Saturday, January 30, 2016

day one

Have I mentioned I recently registered for a marathon? If you're counting, this will be number 8. Wahoo! In four months from today, I'll (hopefully) be checking off another state I've run a marathon in. So far, it's 7 marathons and 7 states - we'll see how long I can keep that up!

Today was training day number one. 5 miles? Check.

I've been finding it very hard to find motivation to start and continue training for this race. So I figured, I have this blog and perhaps I should use it for some accountability. Starting today, we'll count up to marathon day, May 29th. I won't post every day, but I'll keep the count going. We've got 113 days until the photo a day countdown.

Along the way there will be mundane training runs, some cross training, perhaps some food pictures, and even a couple of other races. Looking forward to another marathon journey with you!

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