Monday, January 4, 2016

winter is here

It has been a relatively warm winter so far. In fact, it was nearly 70deg on Christmas Day! It looks like that weather is behind us and we have some cold days ahead...

Tonight was my second run in as many days. This is good news because I haven't been running consistently since, oh, I don't know: November of 2014?! I've been very bad. With a marathon only 5mo away, I need to get a base back so I can build up my mileage. Which means braving whatever weather comes our way!

As I drove home from work, I was monitoring the temp in my car, deciding to either run outside or go to the gym. When I arrived home, my car registered 24deg. I thought, "Sure, with the right layering, that sounds just fine." But what I neglected to take into account was the windchill. Whoops.

The first half of the run was really, really cold and into the wind. The second half on the pretty side of the lake wasn't nearly as bad, running with the wind. I got just over 4mi in on this brisk evening.

I always feel a little BA when I run in weather like this. Makes me feel like my workout was that much more worth it. I'm sure I'll have more runs this winter that are just that much more worth it...

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