Tuesday, January 5, 2016

duh, food

After many years of training, about two years ago I finally got it. What's it? Well, the fact that it's not just about getting the miles in and the workouts in and the crosstraining in (that crosstraining lesson sure took a while...), but it's also about the nutrition. And everyone reading says, "Duh, Angela."

For too long I relished in the mindset of eating what I wanted because I was training for a marathon (or whatever I was training for at the time). I enjoyed that! I love food! I love bagels and pasta and chips and cheeseburgers and ice cream. Oh, I love ice cream.

clockwise from top right: breakfast (eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli and coffee),
dinner (roasted chicken, sauteed veggies, and yucca fries from Whole Foods),
a post-workout snack and a pre-workout snack, and lunch (chocolate chili over
spaghetti squash and more coffee). Not pictured: lots of water!
So after a year of sporadic workouts and a race thrown in here or there, I've seemed to gained a few more pounds than I'd have liked to. And now that it's a new year, I figure why not start now. (But I firmly hold to the belief that turning the calendar to a new year does not mean anything...it's just another day. Any day of any month of any year can be the start of something.)

I plan to take pictures of all the food I consume to hold myself accountable to eating well. I did pretty well on day one, if I do say so myself. :) I'll be following closely to the rules of the Whole 30 (cutting out sugar, grains, dairy, beans, and alcohol) for an undetermined amount of time. I say that because I hope I'll have some motivation to continue eating this way as much as possible. Some people love it, some hate it - for me, it works in helping me feel more like me. I feel less bloated, less brain fog, and just feel better all around. Something else might work for you!

Don't worry, I won't flood the blog with food pictures everyday, the pics are more for my own accountability. But if I happen to make something especially tasty, I'll let you know.

Here's to a new year (new month, new day!) of taking care of our bodies and minds. Cheers!

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