Friday, February 5, 2016

day seven

As of very early this morning, I've lived in the Boston area for 15 years! Time really flies when you're really having fun. I have loved living here (most of the time) and have built some amazing relationships. I'm close to two of my favorite things: beaches and mountains. There are lots of areas to run, bike, walk, etc. Moving here was one of the hardest and very best things I've ever done. And I'm so happy to still be here. I can't say I'll be here for 15 more years - but who knows?!

Here's a quick recap of the past few days of workouts:

Day Three: at home balance ball workout + 20min of yoga

Day Four: rest (and a 15hr work day)

Day Five: Tae Bo workout (found it on youtube - Billy Blanks has aged a bit...)

Day Six: 45 min kickboxing class (see pic) that kicked my butt and helped me get out a little aggression! ;) A friend teaches it and she was a great instructor. The first class is free, if any one out there wants to join me sometime. It's so fun to try new things.

Day Seven: I'll be heading to the gym for a treadmill workout tonight. Hopefully getting in 4-5mi, getting ready for a "long" run this weekend.

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