Thursday, January 8, 2009

black ice and sin

The weather this winter has not been mild, to say the least. And yesterday we had yet another winter storm. This one came in the forms of snow, hail, rain and freezing rain over the course of the day. Since I was staying in Lexington all day, until 8:30pm or so, I figured it wouldn't affect me much as it was supposed to be easing up by mid-evening.

So it surprised me when I walked out of the church building (intending to go to the gym) and the parking lot was like an ice skating rink! Between 5pm and 8pm there had been more freezing rain that covered cars, the parking lot and the roads with a thin but very slippery coat of ice. As I was scraping off my car, I thought it would probably be best to just go home on the highway as that would most certainly have been salted and sanded and therefore would be less treacherous than the back roads I take to the gym.

But when I got to the corner to take a left (home) or right (gym) I took the right, thinking the road crews were out, it couldn't be that bad! Well, it was... I went only 30mph the entire way to the gym terrified that I was going to spin out. And on my way home I saw a salt truck trying to get up a very slight incline with much difficulty. It was so slick that even those who were trying to do their job and be helpful were finding it tricky.

I've heard it said "them" talk about the slippery slope of sin. It has always made sense to me...but until you feel your car spinning out of control or your feel slide right out from under you it might seem more like a cliche than an actual true analogy. Like black ice, sin tricks you. Makes you think everything is just fine...and then all of a sudden our lives or relationships are spinning out of control and we are left near or at rock bottom.

The only way to prevent sliding on black ice to be careful, take your time and learn from others. Preventing the slide into sin is careful to know what you're getting into. Take time to get into God's word everyday and spend time with him. Learn from those around you how to make living out faith an everyday activity and let them challenge you in how you're growing.

This is not meant to be a preachy post. I say these things because I've been there...I've been at the bottom and felt like maybe there wasn't a way out. But there always is because I have a Father who doesn't give up on me. And who loves me unconditionally and with out reservation. And for whom I am thankful everyday.

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