Friday, February 27, 2009

a day of rest

Well, I've racked up 14mi so far this week. Feeling pretty good about that! Tomorrow will be my long run (7.4mi) so I'm taking today off. Instead I have some grocery shopping to do, maybe stop at the Apple Store, possibly head over to Sports Authority....

I joined Nike+ online , which I thought was going to be a place where I could just plug in my miles and times but it turns out that in order to log in runs you have to get this gadget that syncs with an iPod. It logs how many miles, your time, mile splits, and you can download music that matches your speed. Which I guess is pretty cool...I haven't gotten it before because I thought you needed to use it with Nike shoes (which I don't like). In recent reviews, though, it turns out you can use it with any shoe you want! Very exciting... So this is the reason behind the visit to the Apple Store.

I've also read that it will be very helpful on long runs (like over an hour and more) to bring along a supply of power packed bars, GU and drinks. I've wondered how I could bring all this stuff along with me. I mean, I don't like to carry anything when I run...even carrying my iPod throws me off. :) Well, in some online hunting I found out that most runners wear...fanny packs! Oh dear. Not to fear, there are some pretty sweet ones out there that are sleek and wicking and all that good stuff. I refuse to revert to the style of fanny pack that was popular in the early '90s. (I distinctly remember having one that was neon green...) And this is the reason behind the visit to Sports Authority.

Also in this post, I've learned how to link enjoy visiting the gmap-pedometer map of my long run tomorrow as well as the Nike+ site. :)

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