Sunday, March 1, 2009

"where you goin'?"

Hooray!!!  That was my cheer for completing my longest run yet!  7.5mi yesterday at a 10:23min/mile pace for a total time of 1:18:41.  It's not the best...but let me explain the conditions.  It was about 35deg and sunny, which I actually enjoy very much.  However, there was also a 15mph wind that was against me for about 3/4 of the time.  The only time it wasn't was on the pretty side of the lake.  I enjoyed that part.  :)  

As I slowed up for my cool down just after passing my house, this guy runs by with his Boston Marathon 2008 jacket on and says, "where're you going?"  I said, "dude, I already went!"  It made me smile to think about the running community and got me excited to begin group runs and participate in more races.  I love it!!

Up until this point I have not had any injuries or pulled muscles...but over the past week, I did something to my right calf and it starts to cramp up during the last half of my runs this past week.  I took Friday off in the hopes that it would feel better and it did, but it started stiffening up again yesterday at mi 5 or so.  Kind of frustrating...

I'm thinking of hitting up the eliptical at the gym today for a nice easy work out.  Tomorrow we'll hit the treadmill again, hoping for 5mi, obv depending on how my leg feels.

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