Saturday, March 14, 2009

matchy, matchy

A quick update on the rest of the week's running:  Thursday 4.5mi in 45 min.  And I saw Marathon Man again...this time were were wearing the same thing, no joke.  Black headband (it was cold!), green fleece, and black pants.  The only difference, he wore gloves.  It's not really that hard to match someone tho.  Every time I'm at the gym there is at least one other person that is wearing the same colors...but what makes me laugh about this is that it wasn't just anyone, it was MM and in my head, we're friends.  :)  

Today I did another 7.5mi in 1:18, which is slower than I'd like to be at...but it's okay for now.  I was thinking of doing 9.2mi but just didn't have it in me today.  I'm hoping to get a lot of mileage in this next week before heading out for the weekend to visit my cousins in MN.  I'm not sure I'll get a long run would have to be on Thursday.  We'll see.  Not to worry, faithful blog followers, I'll keep you posted.  ;)


Kevin said...

Maybe you have already shared this before, but do you keep a log of all your runs? Paper or electronic?

John said...

wow 7.5 miles, that is great, keep it up! I just signed up for the boston half marathon