Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 days, 3 races, 13.1 miles

I'm totally exhausted tonight so I will make this short and sweet.  Part of the fun I have with training is entering races.  Not to win, mind you.  That is never my goal.  My goal is simply to have fun and possibly achieve a PR (personal record).  The first goal is easy to achieve.  I just really enjoy the whole atmosphere at a race and the drive it brings out in me.  The free snacks at the end aren't to shabby either....  The PR is a little bit harder.  I've found that I'm a little bit behind where I was when I was training for the Half Marathon two years ago and my race times have also been a bit behind.  It's's just kind of a bummer.

Anyway, here are the races I've done and the times I got.  
April 18 - Chase the Gorilla 5K (3.1miles) - 28.28.
April 20 - (aka Marathon Monday to folks here in Mass) 95th Annual Lexington Patriots Day Race 5miler - 46.15. (this is just 30 sec off my 5mi PR...)

And coming up on Sunday I've got another 5miler scheduled in Marblehead, MA.  Right on the ocean...forecast for Sunday:  82deg and sunny.  Hot diggity!!

Sidebar:  I just realized that putting all three of these together exactly equals the distance of a half marathon.  Sweet!  :)

Today I went out for 10.  And I made it.  I walked a few times as the wind was KILLER on back 5mi.  And towards the end my left knee started to give me trouble.  I'm going to go ahead and take some Advil and hope it feels better in the morning.  I'd hate to miss this run on Sunday b/c I was silly and pushed too hard today.  

This 10 was the farthest I've gone in this round of training.  And I was stoked to get it in.  I'm hoping my knee will feel better and I can get another 10 in next Thursday before going away for the weekend.  We shall see....

(okay so this wasn't short or sweet...rather, disjointed and rambling....oh well, as I said, I'm exhausted.)

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