Saturday, April 25, 2009

enjoying baseball

I just LOVE baseball season!  And currently, I am enjoying a back and forth battle: Red Sox vs Yankees.  It's always such an amazingly well fought game.  Last night the Sox pulled out a win by tying it up in the 9th inning with a two shot home run and finally, in the bottom of the 11th, we got a walk off home run from a favorite player we affectionately refer to as YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUK!  :)  Tonight is an equally crazy game.  And I'm am thoroughly enjoying it!

I'm also enjoying the fact that it was summer today!  Seriously, the temp 
was (according to my Corolla) 91deg!!  Clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight.  Outstanding.  I LOVE days like this...and watching baseball on days like this.  

Today was an awesome day.  I spent the morning with a former roommate, Kristy, walking the lake (4mi).  We cheated and stopped halfway through to enjoy a muffin and iced coffee from the Gingerbread Construction Company.  After that it was off to Savannah's one year birthday party.  Good times!  Lots of friends and fun and little kids.  And now a SA-weet game.

Update on my knee and the 5mile race tomorrow:  My knee feels better...I believe that it is a sore tendon behind my knee cap running down my calf, which would explain the numbness going all the way down my leg...  My favorite nurse practitioner (my friend, Jennifer) told me that Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory as well as a pain killer so I'll be taking that until the race tomorrow.  (and possibly after if I'm not feeling better...)  It's supposed to be about 82deg but we'll be right on the ocean so I don't think it will be too hot.  I really enjoy running in the sun and warm weather so I can NOT wait!  Just hope my leg is up to it.  

Check in tomorrow for an update on how the race went and possibly some pics from the race!   ;)

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