Sunday, April 26, 2009

april or august?!

Today was the Ring Around the Neck in Marblehead, MA.  5miles of uphill, downhill, running along the ocean.  It was a beautiful blue sky, sun shining overhead, a few clouds that possibly threatened rain...oh, and 95 degrees.

As we were making our way to Marblehead, I told the guys that the thermometer on my car said 90 deg.  They didn't believe me.  They thought it just had to be wrong.  I said, "but it's really hot..."  "Can't be in the 90's though, no way!"  Well, just after the start of the race we passed a bank sign that flashed the time and temp.  Guess what it was.  Nope, not was merely 92deg.  It was when we were finishing that it had gone up an additional 3deg.  Dang, that is hot for April.  Are we sure it's not August after two straight days in the 90's?  

Anywho, I'll shut up about the weather...  You all want to hear about my knee.  Well, it didn't bother me during the warm up.  It didn't bother me thru mile 1.  It started bothering me somewhere around 1.5-2mi.  I thought I was going to have to give up.  I thought I was not going to finish even.  But I guess my mind started wandering and I started thinking about other things and I realized that I couldn't feel my knee twinging anymore.  And then I realized that I couldn't feel it twinging because it wasn't twinging!!!  Hooray, I believe the Advil trick worked!  It's feeling great even now and we'll see how it feels tomorrow.  

Now I've just got to get rid of these shin splints!!  Silly downhill running.... 

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Melissa Ennis said...

You are much more disciplined than I!