Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a random posting of many things

I love spring! I love green things and purple things and yellow things; all poking out of the ground and out of trees reminding me that winter is FINALLY over and warmer days are on their way. (I can love spring so much because I am blessed not to be affected by seasonal allergies!)

I have seen a lot of these green, yellow and purple things on my runs the past few days. I have been taking advantage of the Minuteman Path that runs from Bedford to Cambridge, conveniently passing through Lexington, on the nice days that we've been having. It's so fun to run the same way over the course of a few days and see the progress of the bright green things along the path. It makes me smile and makes the runs seem shorter. (I'm totally kidding about that last part. The runs are still v. long...)

Again, the path is so great. Here are a few of the great things about it:
1. like I said, it runs from Bedford to Cambridge, so I can choose which way to go depending on which way the wind is blowing. Options are good.
2. there are mile markers. I like to know how far I've gone and how far I've yet to go. Like yesterday, I got to the half way point and thought, "sweet, I've only got three more miles!" and at each point that number got smaller and smaller. I like that.
3. you see a lot of other people. Mostly you see many bikers racing past but there are a great number of fellow runners, walkers and rollerbladers, as well. And actually, just yesterday I saw someone I knew, that was fun. :)
4. it's beautiful. One day I'll post some pictures of the path...but parts of it are urban, parts of it are surrounded by nature.

Okay. Here's the update on the training: I got a lot of mileage in last week, over 20! This week is looking to be quite a bit as well...but maybe not as much. I got 6 in yesterday, am shooting for 4-5mi tonight (at the gym), another 3 on Wed and possibly 4-5 on Thursday. Friday is a day off, but time outside doing something is a MUST since it will be near 70deg!!!

Also, I've got three races coming up:
Saturday - Chase the Gorilla Down Argilla, 5k in Ipswich, MA.
Monday - Patriots Day Race, 5miles in Lexington, MA
Sunday 4/26/09 - Ring Around Marblehead Race, 5miles in Marblehead, MA

Only 40 more days to the Half Marathon in Boston!! Yahoo!

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John said...

Guess what???

Well did you guess yet?

I just signed up for Chicago!!! Yay! I guess running the last 8.5 of Boston yesterday inspired me.