Tuesday, January 12, 2010

47 days

Sorry, readers, that it has been a month since my previous post. Also, Happy 2010!! I have been asked many times this year, "Do you have any resolutions?" The answer is no, not really. But in thinking more about it...maybe I do.

1. I resolve to run every day that I can.
2. I resolve not to feel guilty if I miss a run.
3. I resolve to run because it makes me feel good and healthy, not because I want to be skinny.
4. I resolve to run as many half marathons as my body (and wallet!) will allow me.
5. I resolve to run the NYC Marathon, if I get in. If not, maybe Bay State or Cape Cod...maybe.

These are not big, life altering resolutions. But they are resolutions I can stick to. Do you out there have any resolutions? Do you find that you forget what they are by the time March rolls around? (I usually do if I make them...)

In training news: The Hyannis Half Marathon is only 47 days away. (I found out yesterday that running legend Bill Rodgers will be there! Outstanding! He has won Boston three times and NY three times. Incredible.) I have been dealing with painful shin splints in my right leg...doing a lot of stretching and not as much icing as I should be. Also, beginning to take an Advil regimen for the inflammation. I've been running outside the past week as much as I'm able. I thought it would be hard...but it's turned out to be much more enjoyable than going to the gym ever is. The cold air feels so good and as long as I'm dressed properly and watch where I plant my feet, I'm good to go! I thought to myself yesterday that reflective gear looks kinda dorky...but I'd rather look dorky than, well, hit by a car...

I got a solid 20mi week in last week and I'm shooting for another one this week (as long as the pain in my leg lessens). Hopefully, I'll get in a couple of 25mi weeks and at least one 30mi week before the half.

Oh, and after that, I've got another half coming up on March 28th in New Bedford. So that one is 67 days away. Can't wait!


Katrina said...

I resolve to be better about
1. working out
2. connecting with my friends
3. not spending so much time on Facebook
4. A 'photo a day' on my blog for the next year. :)

So far, so good (except the FB thing)

Kevin said...

I resolve to:
1. Not make any resolutions...
Ah, crap.

Seriously, you are my hero for going out and running in this weather every day. This dry cold air immediately makes my asthma kick in. Not that I enjoy running myself, but it has kept me off of the mt bike.