Thursday, January 14, 2010

i apologize

I have often thought that shin splints were for wussies. That they didn't hurt that bad or keep you out of training for long. That if you have them, seriously, just suck it up and work through it. I mean, come on, the pain is not that bad...just a little tightness, that's it.

To all of those who have had them, I apologize for thinking the above. I, too, have fallen victim to shin splints and understand the agony you feel. The sometimes shooting, sharp pains that go along with them. The effort it takes to walk normally. The amount of time it takes to get over them.

Last week, I began having pain in my right shin (I believe I've told you this...). Well a few days of painful running and they went away. I thought I was in the clear. Managed a few longer runs with no pain at all. Then...Sunday, they came back. I took that day off but decided that I needed to get a good one in on Monday. FOOLISH! You see, when I started there was a bit of dull pain...after the first mile or two it went away. Then returned in full force when I had to stop to cross the road at mile 4.5. When I started up again it was excruciating pain shooting through my leg! Whoops.

Soooo to that end, I have taken the past few days easy. Tuesday there was no running. Wednesday there was walking at the gym. Today there will be no running. Tomorrow there will be. My regimen of ice/stretching/and all important Ibuprofen has been working well and with only 6wks to the half, I need to get to training.

Do not worry, dear reader. I will be careful. I will stretch like it's my job. I will ice like it's going out of style. I will massage my shin like I never have before. I will not continue on Ibu for too long as I know it does a number on stomachs. But I will keep training and I will run this half. The last half I trained for I could not run due to ITband issues. I will not sit out this one.

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