Saturday, July 10, 2010

we all fall down

I was two or so miles into my 13 miler this morning when I was looking around and spotted a playground. Upon further inspection, I noticed a water fountain. I was particularly excited to know that there was a water stop on this new route! When all of a sudden, I was flying thru the air (slight exaggeration here) and then I was on my hands and knees skidding across the pavement (that is not an exaggeration, I literally skidded). Totally bit it...all for trying to see a water fountain.

I continued to run another half mile or so but my legs were throbbing and I knew they were going to get nasty if I kept going and sweat and dirt got in there. I also know that they are going to Bruise, with a capital B. All in all today, I got only about 4.5 or so in. A full 9miles LESS than planned. I'm beyond frustrated.

I plan to let these heal up over the course of today and tomorrow and by golly, I WILL RUN 13 MILES on Monday morning.

This picture doesn't look too bad but believe me, it hurts...and now it's seeping a bit... (ewwwww!!!)

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Katrina said...

Oh ANG!!! Owie!

I almost bit it while I was walking the dog the other day. There was a little lift in the sidewalk that I didn't see. Poor Fenway was quite startled by my near-fall (you know how sometimes the 'not falling' looks way more dramatic than if you just actually fell? Yep.)