Sunday, February 21, 2016

day twenty three

On day eleven, I went to my local YMCA to use up the second of three guest passes. I went in for a total body sculpt class and it was awesome. It didn't feel super tough, but I knew I was getting a good workout. And I love being in a class with other people - helps me try just *that* much harder. We did a lot of squats and lunges, plenty of arm work, and focused on abs during the last 10min of the class. It really made me seriously consider signing up...still thinking that over, though. At the end of class, the instructor casually mentioned that zumba was up next in that room, and I love zumba! So, I stayed and did that too. So much fun, but man, I was beat by the end of it.

Day thirteen, I logged 4mi - I think it was a loop around the lake, but I'm not entirely sure. I didn't write down in my log where I ran so quite possibly it may have been at the gym? Who knows. The important piece here is that it's done. Right? Right.

Days fourteen through twenty one are the lost days. I lost my mojo, momentum, and any kind of motivation. I spent the frigid-est, windiest winter weekend we've had on the cape, holed up in an old house with a bunch of friends. There was NO way I was going to run in negative temps, never mind the windchill. I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else. :) And then I came down with a head cold. I treated myself with lots of sleep and plenty of rest.

It worked. The cold is gone, and I'm back on track! Day twenty two (yesterday), I picked back up on the training schedule with a whopping 8mi. I was working at REI all day with customers coming in raving about the sunshine and 60deg temps, by the time my shift was up I couldn't wait to get out and get my miles in. Felt so good to log a nice log run, never mind that most of it was in the dark...

And a few more dark miles were put in the books tonight! A little bit chillier than last night, but still in the 40's (and still in a pair of capris). I took my phone along, which I never do, to show you that Lake Quannapowitt is just as pretty at night as it is during the day. I love running here!

So, I think I've got some mojo, momentum, and motivation back and I'm looking forward to some seriously good workouts this week. Stay tuned...

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